Summer Cleaning Hacks

Happiness is a freshly cleaned house

Top cleaning tips freshen up your home, making it easier to reach those tricky spots!

Top Cleaning Tips

Begin by vacuuming up dust & dirt. Next, with a solution of warm water and your fave cleaning liquid use a small brush to scrub away dirt & grime.


Behind the Toilet

Mops don't fit in this small space, so put on gloves and use a sponge with a solution of warm water and your fave bathroom disinfectant to reach into those tricky spaces.

Use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum to suck dirt and dust out of the folds and crevices in your mattress, paying extra attention to the tricky to reach spots.


Use a toothbrush (JUST for cleaning) add warm water & soap, and scrub all the different surfaces to remove any gunk. Make sure to reach behind all the books as these tend to be the dirtiest spots!


Ceilings & Corners

Use a long-handled duster to whisk away dirt & any cobwebs that have built up.  Top tip: always do this first when cleaning a room so you can vacuum up the fallen dust instead of ruining a nice clean floor.