Thrift Store Tips

Google “thrift shops in "your town” or "near me" to populate a list.

Tip 1

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If you see a few thrift stores recommended more than once on different websites - visit those places first.

Choose your thrift stores wisely

Tip 2

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Message local businesses in the area where they recommend. Check out online reviews. Check their social media.

Find out when thrift stores restock.

Tip 3

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Call thrift shops you plan to visit & ask them when they restock new items. Mark your calendar to go those days (or the next day) to get the best stuff!

Shop off-season

Tip 4

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Want a vintage leather jacket? Or a wool overcoat? Shop those "winter" items in the summer when demand is low.

What's the store's specialty?

Tip 5

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If you want vintage clothing but visit a popular thrift store that specializes in vintage toys, you will be disappointed. What type of thrift stores will you visit first?