Finding Balance

Self-Care & Seasonal Affective Disorder

Self-care Sundays will transition from a fancy day at the spa with the girls to something much more manageable that we will think about (and practice) daily.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (ironically the acronym is SAD) is real. It’s not just “winter blues.”

Maybe, just maybe, we feel a daily dose of stress because we don’t take care of it.


– low energy – difficulty concentrating – sluggish – trouble sleeping – appetite changes – anxiety – agitation – loss in interest of activities you used to love

Symptoms of SAD:

Sometimes trying out a few quick & simple ideas can boost your mood. We need to do a “daily dose of positivity” to conquer all the ick.


One size does not fit all for what will alleviate your burnout. But what everyone will have in common is finding 10 minutes each and every day dedicated to their personal wellness.


helps you fight fatigue, regain focus, and improve your mood

Light Therapy:

The calming effect of THESE blankets is rumored to help you sleep more soundly and reduce anxiety.

Weighted Blankets:

Mood Booster Playlists

Social Media “detox”

Other Ways to Ease Stress:

You are in charge of how you feel, so choose happiness for today. Try to slow down, smile and enjoy the moment.


When in doubt, chill out.