How to Layer Your Bed

How to Use Pillowcases:

Not only protects your pillows but enhances the designer look.

STEP 1:  Pillows

Designer Details: Side buttons or an exaggerated (country cottage) bow upgrades the look. Luxe Materials: Rich velvets, quilted shams and fluffy textures instantly create a sophistocated look.

3 Pillow Layers:

No matter what size bed you have, you want 3 layers of pillows.

Patterns Add Variety:

Use different textures, fabrics, and designs to layer your bed.our pillows but enhances the designer look.

STEP 2:  Patterns

Make it fun:

Add (inexpensive) throw pillows to add in some fun! Add some seasonal (pumpkin, snowflake,”be mine”) pillows for fun. Why not?

STEP 3: Fun!

Sheets, Blankets, ETC

Layer it on! Really. Adding ALL blankets now is genius and cozy. Too cold or too hot? Layering on or off the different warmth levels of the blankets on the bed. You’ve got it “covered.”

Step 4: Beddings

1st layer: fitted sheet 2nd layer: flat sheet 3rd layer: light blanket 4th layer: quilt or coverlet 5th layer: comforter 6th layer: throw blanket

Splurge on organic or 100% pure materials. Forget sheet count. Why? 100% pure fabrics improves in softness with time, not like synthetic materials (that just wear out).

Step 5: Quality