How To Host


Parisian Inspired Party

Transform into your Parisian tres-chic self with a French inspired party!  (On a budget!)

No need to be all matchy-matchy for a French inspired celebration! Variety = tres chic!

Offer a variety of wines & display them on the tables, along with water in simple glass carafes.

No Parisian Inspired Party is complete without a charcuterie.

Pair Cheeses with: Fresh Salad Plates, Meat, Fruits, Nuts, Jams, Crackers, Baguettes, Chocolates, Etc.

Create conversation with wines and small plates of food throughout the room (not just in 1 central location)

Enhance comfort with pillows and small seating areas. Add flowers while you're at it.

Create a variety of mini-meals to allow guests to sample and taste throughout the evening.

Are you INSPIRED to host a Parisian inspired soiree? Bon Appetit!