How To Decorate With Stickers


Time for a sticker upgrade. THE newest way to show off your originality on water bottles, laptops, planners, notebooks, walls or really anything.

If you’ve been to any craft store recently, you probably noticed the major amount of stickers available for your calendars and planners.

Planner Stickers

By far the easiest way to decorate with stickers is on your laptop. If you can spare a few dollars, you can get this thing going!

Laptop Stickers

Not ready to repaint or wallpaper, but definitely need a change? Transform your room with wall stickers!

Wall Stickers

– self-adhesive – quick to apply – non-toxic – easily remove & reposition w/o damage – peel & stick to any surface

What to LOVE about  Wall Stickers

What can you do with wall stickers?

Use it to accent small spaces!

Have you tried stickers to decorate with yet? If not… how will you?