A New  Hidden Gem at  Cotsco

Oh hey, new hidden gem of Costco. Nice to eat… I mean, meet you!

Finding this “gem” of a snack is #goals!

Here are few fab facts about the #TruFru brand:

– 100% real fruit – Clean & simple ingredients – Frozen fresh – Full of nutrients & antioxidants – Covered in white & dark or milk chocolate

Tru Fru is all about freeze-dried fruit, and here’s why…

– Freeze-dried fruits retain 97% of the nutritional value. – Dehydrating or air drying destroys more than half of the food value.

Say goodbye to unhealthy additives such as high-fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, food dyes, colors, concentrates, maltodextrin, canola oil & MSG because these ICK factors are NOT in Tru Fru snacks.

What Tru Fru flavors are making your mouth water?