Glam Up Your

Smoothie Snacks


A  great way to add fruits & veggies to your routine. Here's a hack to make smoothies into a “glam” frozen treat that you'll LOVE! This isn't a recipe - it's a smart life hack for healthy snacks!

Step 1

The creative hack begins after you’ve blended your own smoothie. Make sure it’s pourable for this part!

Step 2

Using any silicone tray, just pour your smoothie into each section. Carefully place them level in the freezer to allow them set.

Step 3

After freezing overnight, take the trays out of the freezer and pop out your smoothie snacks!

Step 4

Voila! How cute and yummy do these transformed smoothies look? Perfect for a quick snack without all of the trouble of making an entire smoothie!

What’s the go-to smoothie that you’ll use for making some smoothie snacks?