Does Cryoptherapy Really Work?


✔️ Developed in Japan in the late 1970s.

✔️ By cooling the tissues under your skin,  you are increasing microcirculation & cellular metabolism.

✔️ Most often used for athletes to speed up injury recovery, reduce pain/soreness, & help inflammation.

✔️ Collagen production is boosted from this brrrrr cold targeted treatment.

✔️ Skin is rejuvenated and much smoother!

✔️ Skin’s elasticity is improved!

✔️ Your skin’s muscles are tightened. Just like that.


✔️ Meet the Magic Wand: A CryoToning wand is used in a massaging technique to target the skin with a cooling sensation.

✔️ Ice, Ice Baby:  The cold temperature of (approximately) -2′ C is controlled by the Cryotherapy machine.

✔️ The Right TIME:  Each session/treatment is approximately 20 minutes.

✔️ No Pain, Just Gain: A cool massage wand gently moving across your face. No recovery time.