Eyeliner, life…everything. But make sure you have those “where -have-you-been-all-my-life” tools to make your makeup application flawless.

Ever have an eye infection or eye cold & need to toss mascara to avoid cross-contamination? No more with these wands.

Eliminates mascara clumps by brushing upwards along your lashes immediately after the application of mascara.

Cleans through bristles of your brushes without damage. Clean brushes are a must!

Genius for eyeshadow touch-ups without fallout on your face, creating straight edges for shadow, and even precision lip lining.

BEST tool to get shellac or gel or powder OFF of your nails without damage. Soak cotton in remover, place on nail, use clip to secure!

No more creasing and cracking makeup during the day. Just a little spritz for that naturally dewy look - and yes, it stays all day.