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Packzi Time!

If you're from Cleveland, then you are VERY aware of the magic of paczki time! As the Lenten season approaches, you’ll want to know the BEST places to find this paczki treat in the CLE!

While you’re there, pick up some of their famous strudel and pierogies!

Their annual Paczki Ball (24th anniversary this year) has a traditional Polish dinner (with lots of paczkis, of course!). They’ve hand-rolled over a million paczki!

Since 1910 this bakery has been making the BEST made from scratch paczki!

Stop in anytime for a delicious bakery, but def make plans to visit on Paczki Day!

Any day you can order up some paczki here, but during the Lenten season, they upgrade and bake more than a dozen types of paczki!

Which places do you plan to go? What are you waiting for?  IT'S PACKZI TIME!