10 Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks

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Save a TON of time by cleaning task by task, NOT room by room. Meaning, do ALL the dusting (of every room), then do ALL the vacuuming (of every room), and so on.

Cleaning a blender? Fill up half of the blender with water, add a squirt of dishwasher liquid, blend for 1 minute. Finish by rinsing out the soap residue with water.

Did you know that when vacuuming, it’s the PULLing back that sucks up the yuck from the floors. The PUSHing forward of the vacuum only gets it into position, for the most part.

Once you’ve finished cleaning, rest the handle of the wet/drippy toilet brush on the bottom rim of the toilet seat, then close the toilet seat on top of it. This keeps the brush suspended. After 30 minutes, any extra toilet water will have dripped off of the brush.

After dusting, take a dryer sheet to re-dust over those clean surfaces. The anti-static coating on a dryer sheet keeps dust from forming a little longer than without using it.

Use a sheet of wax paper to wipe down faucets to remove water spots for a spotless shine! What cleaning hacks have I missed? Let me know!