A Must-Read for Anyone Considering a Facial


I know you’ve thought about it.  Maybe even already had one professionally done.  Or tried to do one at home.


I’ve done those “at home” facials, claiming to have the same (or better?) results than from a spa.  As much as they were nice, they didn’t make a big difference.  Or let’s say – ANY difference in how my skin looked or felt.

Past (Bad) Experience:  I’ve had a few facials at various salon/spas.  A recent one I had at another salon was so un-spa like that I like to refer to it as the “wham bam facial” since that’s what it felt like. To get to the room I had to walk in a hallway lined with storage materials for the store and during the facial I wore my regular clothes (no changing into a fab robe).  No calm music.  No dim lights.  Lets not even talk about this “facial” any longer.  Moving on.

Dino Palmieri

My Dino Palmieri Facial: Let’s just say I was a lucky ducky to get invited to try out a facial at Dino Palmieri Salon and Spa at LaPlace in Cleveland.  Can we talk about how much I love Dino Palmieri Salon & Spa.

You’re about to LOVE your face a whole — lot — more!

Dino Palmieri

Here’s the Spa Run-Down:

1.  Clothes Change:  Change into a terry cloth cover-up along with a spa-robe.  Leaving my clothes/purse/etc into a locker in which I was the only one with a key.  Perfect start.

2.  Location: Walk down a serene, dimly lit, calm hallway (no storage items lining the hallway!) into your own spa room.

3.  Relax: Lie down onto the plush, heated, spa-table under their clean sheet and blanket.

4.  Environment: The spa room is dark with hints of a lavender scent and a calming spa-soundtrack playing.  So peacefully perfect.

5.  Facial:  My amazing facial (that I am now totally obsessing over) lasted an hour.

6.  Finishing touches:  Spa infused water and Jane Iredale Make-up touch-up application before you leave.

You can choose from these facials (plus many more), & they customize it based on your needs and skin.  

Dino Palmieri


Complete Dino Palmieri Spa Menu here

 A FABULOUS Facial is in your future….

These are the Darphin products they use – I like to refer to them now as “princess products” – they have amazing effects.  Thinking I need to purchase the line to use at home daily.


Can’t STOP Thinking about This Facial!!   What I LOVED:

  • Calm and luxurious experience.

  • Clarisonic devices used during the facial.

  • Deluxe products from Darphin Paris used for your facial.

  • Professional examination of skin with specialized blackhead removal and more…

  • Immediate results when I was done with NO red face/marks/burns/pain. whew.

  • Results STILL in effect – my skin is smooth, more evenly complected and evenly toned.


There’s never been a BETTER time to get a FACIAL at Dino Palmieri at La Place.  

I’ve got deals for you…

Deal #1:  Get $25 off any “anti-aging” facial with Jessica

Deal #2:  Get $15 off any 1-hour massage with Jessica (new clients only)



Promise I would never recommend a service or product that I didn’t love… Jessica is your esthetician.

Talk about talented.

Make an appointment with Jessica at Dino Palmieri at La Place : 216-765-1400 and be sure to mention these deals!


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