Corset Cleanse

New year, New you.  Ready to drop those holiday pounds and start fresh?  WHAT is easier (and better) motivation to lose weight than to have a super easy jump start on it to drop pounds quickly?

Your “New Year, New You” BFF:  The Aster Elliott Corset Cleanse.

Corset Cleanse

What is it?  

A 6 day cleanse to whittle down that waist (drop that tummy bloat!) and get you motivated to conquer your weight loss goals.  It seriously could NOT be any easier.  And only 6 days commitment.  You can do that.  Promise.

Here’s what it does:

Gently gets rid of the waste in your digestive system to flatter your tummy pooch.  Goodbye to bloat, gas and muffin top!  HooOOray!  In only 6 days.

Corset Cleanse

How do you do it?

Every day you have 2 detox meal replacements for breakfast and dinner.  For lunch, you are guided into eating specific supplements and detoxifying body treatments.

Its SO easy because each program comes with its own step-by-step pamphlet that guides you from the time you wake up in the morning until the time you go to sleep at night. I referred to it all-the-time.  It was easy.

Also… they have a fab detox support team who are available by email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for you to contact with any questions.  They email back SUPER fast.  It’s VERY helpful… I’ve emailed them several times with little questions and they got back to me quickly.

What do you get?


Yummy, vegan & protein based shake mix.  LOVED the vanilla flavor!


Here’s how EASY it is to create the shake!


Colon-cleansing, tummy flattening detoxifier & cleansers filled with antioxidants.   The REPAIR supplement restores and heals your gut where toxins tend to wreak havoc. And, it helps those nagging sugar cravings.


 LEAN  Supplement

Magical fibers from fruits, vegetables, roots, seeds, and tree extracts with added friendly bacteria and prebiotics.


TRIM  Supplement

Your digestive detoxifier that relieves and reduces stress at the liver. TRIM boosts your metabolism (hooray!)…


BLUSH Toxin Eliminating Treatment

THIS is one of my favorites!  Blush absorbs bad toxins, impurities, heavy metals and other disgusting contaminants and removes icky dead skin cells.  The best part? It has an immediate tightening effect on your skin.


LUSH Butter

Yumminess for your SKIN! It absorbs quickly leaving your skin feeling super refreshed! I want to use this every-single-day…forever.


Do yourself a favor… do a 6-day cleanse to start 2014 feeling amazing!  Only 6 days.  You can do it!

Order here: Corset Cleanse

You’ll be so happy that you did!


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2 thoughts on “Corset Cleanse

    • The Aster Elliott products are so VERY well done! I am obsessed with their cleanses. LOVED that Candi Cleanse too! Alissa – you’d LOVE this Corset Cleanse too! Its more hard core, but AMAZING results. Only 6 days. :)

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