Simply Livly sunburst clear briolette

Simply Livly + GIVEAWAY!

  …a little modern…a little bohemian…a little organic…and a little vintage inspired…blend these elements together and you get Simply Livly’s style.   Comfortable Statement Necklace.  Let that idea just sink for a moment.  Because let’s be honest here… it’s fabulous to wear an amazing necklace, but not if you are in pinching, annoying pain.  No … Continue reading

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My Favorite Escape

I would put money down that you are thinking this post is about a MEGA major spot that I love….such as somewhere magical on the Cape or Italy or Hawaii.  Nope.  It’s not.  Its about finding your escape…your FAVORITE escape… right in front of you. It’s no secret that I am all about Christmas.  I … Continue reading