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Prepping your Face for Fall!

 Hello, Gorgeous! Are you interested in getting a head start on reversing summer damage and prepping your face for fall makeup trends?  Of course you are! I’m SUPER excited because Harpers Bazaar asked me to take the #peelchallenge! What’s that?  In a nutshell, it’s basically an amazing performance peel from Exuviance – maximum benefits with minimal … Continue reading

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Own Your Bed Head

Own it.  Wake up and be fabulous.  OWN that bed head.  Sort of. There is a new mattress company called Casper that is currently trying to make the best, most comfortable mattress humanly possible <insert swoon>.  Since they can’t seem to solve the problem that is “Bed Head” I have a few suggestions. But before … Continue reading

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Nailed It!

Step aside boring one-colored mani.  It’s time to get snazzier. Seriously.  Can we just have a chat about manicures.  Pinterest has been putting me to shame with the manicures on display.  Know what I mean?  But I can’t just ignore the new nail craze.  I can.not.  I want to be a part.  But how.  What … Continue reading