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At Your Age?

Yes, at my age I am still taking classes.  Learning more.  Trying out new things.  Not sure why sometimes we think that learning STOPS after formal education… but if you look, there are classes offered all around you in stores and community colleges and online! Today’s challenge:  Sewing 101. Spotting a class schedule flyer at … Continue reading

Beauty Bag Faves!

Know what question I get asked a lot? What are my must-have beauty products. Without further ado…Here is what I use (my Top 10 plus 1 more!) and what I swear by.   1. Eslor: The Brightening serum and collagen day lotion are essential. Meaning, I them. 2.  Keune: Obsessed with this brand. My hair … Continue reading

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Vulnerable is…

Making a move.  Taking that first very frightening step.  Hoping to fly when you just…might… fall. I remember when I was vulnerable.  BIG time.  We all experience some forms of vulnerability at different levels and at different times.  I met my biggest vulnerability around 10 years ago. For me it was time that I could take … Continue reading